Aires de Conflu(x)ence

Luxembourg et Grande Région 2007 - Sibiu 2007 Capitales Européennes de la Culture

5 Octobre - 4 Novembre 2007

A so called revolution somehow everyday !

Exposition Aires de conflu(x)ence - Sibiu

*.ARTLABS Centrala termica 3, Cartier Hipodrom, Aleea Genistilor.
5 octobre 2007 - 19 octobre 2007

Production : 2006

A so called revolution somehow everyday ! is a networked installation simultaneously taking place in Sibiu as in Luxemburg. It is an subtle and ephemeral work located in the public space. Visual subject is the human shadow that gets disembodied from its human source, distorted, torn apart and blown away by even the natural breeze. Carried by the wind the shadows reassemble themselves in the sister city, interacting with the passers-by as ephemeral representations of their human sources so far away.

’Asanumita revolutie’, ’the so called revolution’, a beautiful term describing the events of 1989. As pathetical, catchy and well thought through, attributes to revolutions as orange, pink and greeen are, so clear, smart and winky this expression identifies men-made images of a revolution as a virtual and constructed reality.

A so called revolution somehow everyday ! disembodies the human shadow, tears it apart, distorts and carries it away with the natural wind on the place. The shadow, mens first image. It has always been with him, it always will. Will it ? What will it be like without ? Loosing the shadow is confusing, it is loosing the faith into the image. And it is playful and fun ! A so called revolution somehow everyday ! is a collective ludic experience for the inhabitants and visitors of the two cities. It is a place of ephemeral communication and interpersonal sensuality.

Located in Sibiu beneath the ’Luegenbruecke’, the ’bridge of lies’, on the sidewalks connecting upper and lower city, between car-crowded streets and high culture, the installation serves as a mental gateway and provides a contemporary interpretation of the mystical name.


Hannes Nehls


13.08.1975 Hamburg

Hannes graduated as Meisterschueler of Professor Joachim Sauter from the University of Arts, Berlin.

He was bridging gaps of art and technology as research associate at the MIT Medialab Europe in Dublin.

He tought digital media art as visiting professor at the University of Arts, Karlsruhe.

His works were shown in the ZKM, Centre for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, the Museum for Photopgraphy, Berlin and the Museum of Communications, Berlin. Hannes lives in Sibiu and Berlin.

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