Aires de Conflu(x)ence

Luxembourg et Grande Région 2007 - Sibiu 2007 Capitales Européennes de la Culture

5 Octobre - 4 Novembre 2007


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The European Union puts forward during 2007 two geographical areas as European Capitals of the Culture, Luxembourg and the surronding area, as well as Sibiu in Romania. These two places, one part of the European Community from the very beginning, and the other one on way to become it, are distant of almost 1700 km. The choice of these two entities reflects in our opinion the evolution of the European Union by promoting at the same time its past, but also its future.

Thus, it seems fundamental to us to highlight the last, the recent and to come process of European construction, as well as its "cultural and topographic landscape" by the means of art, and mainly, by that of the digital dimension, process which gain today more and more importance.

The new ways of communication cause major transformations in our societies, working out new forms of creation, mixing reality and virtuality, altering concepts like distance, temporality, space delimitation, and modifying in-depth the behavior of the individuals. Technologies develop the so difficult to carry out until now transdisciplinarity and generate innovative practices. In this way, the freedom of flow between the various media and the progressive obliteration of the borders between the artistic forms, can be compared with the curently being set up process of European Union.

The selected topic in order to better illustrate our remarks is that of landscape, understood as the image of a country seen from one perspective. By offering a panorama of the young European creation, by choosing works that highlight aspects of artists’ existence, we try to offer a global vision of the present Europe.

It is question to lay out the space of 2007’s Europe, expressed at the same time as a common territory, but also like juxtaposition of distinct elements, by taking as support the two "areas of confluence" represented by Luxembourg and Sibiu.

By connecting real spaces, by imagining new forms of representation, by attaching importance to the urban landscape, but also to its peripheries, the project "Areas of Conflu(x)ences" intends to offer a complex image of a reality which get going to be construct and which is in search of its global identity.
It is about creating an exhibition with off-line and on-line works, linking up the three areas (Luxembourg, Sibiu and Internet) that will find themselves in a constant relation (interactive one not), by combining urban and peripheral spaces and by presenting projects of young European artists questioning our daily reality.

Thus, the finality of the project consists in building up a permanent dialog around the European question between publics of various cultures and origins, from near by or at distance.

Project initiators : Tincuta Parv / Quentin Drouet
Organizers : absl Arscenic Luxemburg (for Luxemburg 2007) and 2580 Association (for Sibiu 2007).


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