Aires de Conflu(x)ence

Luxembourg et Grande Région 2007 - Sibiu 2007 Capitales Européennes de la Culture

5 Octobre - 4 Novembre 2007


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Exposition Aires de conflu(x)ence - Maribor

Kibela, space for art - Ulica kneza Koclja 9, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia.
4 avril 2008 - 19 avril 2008

Exposition Aires de Conflu(x)ence - Luxembourg

Galerie "Konschthaus beim Engel", 1 rue de la Loge, Luxembourg Ville
6 octobre 2007 - 4 novembre 2007

Production : 2006

Zero is a videosculpture of one meter height, consisting of a circular projection screen, mounted on a plexiglas foot and driven by a otor with gear. The projection screen shows the 360 degrees view of an inner courtyard, consisting of 24 motion pictures which are arranged in form a wheel. On the 12 (or also 0) clock position, there’s a woman walking through the courtyard, which means, that she is walking out of one picture into the next, while the movie’s background is turning behind her. Projected film and the texture of the slowly turning projection screen are linked. the projection screen is painted from hand and therefore makes an impression comprable to vintage photos. Due to the sae turning speed of the video and of the motor-driven projection screen, both become integrated, the video becomes physical, as if the original film material would have been fixed on the screen. This is intensified, by projecting the video on a round surface, instead of using the usual rectangular framework together with a black mask. The sound of the motor and the squeaki,g of the gear strengthen this poetic movement. Above the plexiglass foot, the film appears free flotting, like a kind of planet. It is autonomous, diconnected from the outside, a private small world with its own rhythm and own speed. And it’s very peacefull.


The woman in this world reminds of "The small Prince", but she doesn’t follow the sunsets, instead she keeps turning the planet. she’s walking relaxed but determined, throught the panorama of pictures, through different time segments and spaces. Continuously throught her life. Comparable to the days of our lifetime, where we pass through the zero point again and again. There is neither a point of beginning nor an end point, everything is infinite, like life is allways passed on.

In a sense the content of the work is ZEN. The wheels turn in at a very calm rhythm, meditative with long time contemplation. Therefor the medium video is liberated from its rectangular form. Instead the projection screen is round, the form of infinity or Buddhism. We try to understand the nesting of the 360 degree space in the video, together whith the motor driven screen. This is similar to the reflection about the paardoxical statement of a koan. It leads to peace. In Buddhism the jourey of the soul does not exist of passing through one life, but many lives, everyone with birth and death, while every time the soul has different tasks to fulfil, born as whichever life-for. We continue to ive in our own wheel, on the own way, whith our own mission. We posses our own wheel of life, our own planet and our way never stops, like a clockwork. Each instant is a piece of eternity.

Effie Wu - Video

Effie Wu


Née à Taipei, Taiwan.

Effie Wu a étudié la performance à l’Université Nationale d’Arts de Taipei, à Taiwan. Après cela, elle fonde le groupe de Rock « Cat fight » (album “Cat Fight, Cut out”, Crystal Independent, Taipei, 1999). Entre 1999 et 2002 Effie a vécu à Florence, Milan et Munich. En 2002, elle s’installe à Berlin.

Entre 2004 et 2007, elle étudie les arts médiatiques dans la promotion de Prof. Vedder et de Prof. Sauter à l’Université d’arts de Berlin. En 2006, elle a travaillé pour Pipilotti Rist.
Depuis 2007, elle est étudiante en Master de l’Université d’Arts de Berlin.

Ses travaux ont été montrés à la Biennale Internationale de « Media Art » en Pologne, au « Taipei Fine Arts Museum » à Taiwan et au Festival Européen de « Media Art » à Osnabrück (EMAF)...

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Zero - <p>Effie Wu</p> Zero - <p>Effie Wu</p> Zero - <p>Effie Wu</p> Zero - <p>Effie Wu</p> Zero @ Luxembourg - <p>© Cédric Christler</p> Zero @ Luxembourg - <p>© Cédric Christler</p> Zero @ Luxembourg - Effie Wu & Markus Kyson - <p>© Cédric Christler</p> Zero @ Luxembourg - <p>© Cédric Christler</p>

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    Effie Wu - Video